Top Free VPNs Of 2024: Secure Your Online Privacy Without Breaking The Bank

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Let’s face it, VPNs are the need of the hour. 

Free VPNs encrypt your data and mask your IP address like a pro. You can happily browse without leaving any trace of your identity. In the current digital world, data consumption has become easier, even though there are location prohibitions. Anyone can access the online information with free VPNs


VPN is an essential tool to protect yourself from online identity theft


The Internet is like an ocean, and free VPNs are helpful in getting that data without any location, hashtag or word barrier. 

Come, let’s dive into the world of free VPNs.

The W questions asked for free VPNs. Who, Where and, for what free VPNs are the essential main course.

1. The Binge Watchers: Binge-Watching Without Borders

Many times, we like to binge watch some content from a different location but that is restricted in your area. These are known as geo-restricted content. And then we get frustrated. Free VPNs can be a very useful medium when watching geo-restricted movies/series. There are few restrictions on the quality, buffering time and even the nightmare of ads. But fear not, your Bing-worthy content will be available through free VPN and you are ready to “Netflix and chill”.

Before applying VPN – 

After applying VPN,

Source – Uncle Roger from YouTube video

The before picture is when the location was from the UK and after changing the VPN location to Canada, We could see the real Death Note (a series) version.

Free VPN for binge watching 

  • ProtonVPN
  • Windscribe

2. For the Marketing Mavens: Marketing to Global Audiences

Many marketers use free VPN as their target audience reside in various regions and to expand business. Free VPNs can be a boon in competitors’ analysis. Just spy on your competitors and target audience without leaving a trace. Collecting data and working on analytics before launching any campaign. Some marketers for example, work from India and target audiences in chicago. Free VPNs can be used for location based targets, as Google gives location based search results to each user differently.

Free VPN for Marketers

  • TunnelBear
  • Hotspot Shield

3. For the Shopping Sprees’: shooting with one eye on various deals globally

Women for makeup and accessories and men for electronic gadgets often use free VPNs. You can easily compare the range, models, quality, cost and real-time customer reviews from genuine customers. Fashion influencers and technical gurus often use such free VPNs to get a banging deal after comparing all the options globally. Stealing the deal is the “Mantra”. Data caps that can limit your price comparison can be a small hurdle for you while comparing prices online. Just be cautious of that and get going.

Free VPN for Shopping Sprees

  • PrivadoVPN Free

4. For the Social Media Influencer:  The Global celebrity

 If you are a global social media influencer and have a reach across the globe, yet you are interested in knowing what your local competitors are working on at the moment in various locations. Free VPN is your thing. Stay ahead of your competitor influencers but be aware of choppy connections which will destroy your live stream and viewers’ live streaming experience can be ruined forever. 

Free VPN for social media influencers

  • Windscribe
  • ProtonVPN

5. For Personal Business Bighats: International Price Comparison 

Budget-friendly Free VPNs are useful in comparing international pricing. While conducting A/B testing, hosting ad campaigns, launching big budget programs, low budget free VPNs can be used. Don’t fall for faulty free VPNs as there may be various security concerns. You may lose all your data in a jiffy. Be cautious and careful. Use a good, free VPN only.  

Free VPN for Business 

  • TunnelBear

Listed here are 6 free VPNs just for you-

  • ProtonVPN: The best free plan with 100+free locations. Safe and fast. It’s swiss based, strict no-logs policy with 30-days money back guarantee. It’s good for casual streamers.
  • Windscribe: Total 10GB monthly data for all confirmed emails,unlimited connections, severs in 10 countries, very decent speeds for streams. Ideal for the budget-friendly binge-watcher. They encrypt and reroute your existing internet connection through our secure VPN servers.
  • TunnelBear: User-friendly interface. Easy & simple VPN service. Just keep browsing privately for iOS, Android, macOS and any PC. Perfect for exploring global marketing through tunnelbear free VPN.
  • Hotspot Shield: Best for casual viewing. Access content world-wide with ease and security. Risk free subscriptions. Decent speeds for basic research, Military-grade encryption, Split tunnelling but only one connection is allowed.
  • PrivadoVPN Free: 10GB of data at full speed for 30 days. Protect your privacy, block ads, and enjoy secure connections on all your devices. Ideal for targeted deals.
  • Free plan with unlimited data, but not enough for global shopping sprees. 8 locations are accessible with only 1 connection. No logs are discovered. No credit card required for the free VPN plan.

Note: Consider a Freemium Model. Compare a few free, freemium and paid versions based on your requirement. 

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Your Choice, Your Free VPN

Free VPNs Can Be Your friend, But choose wisely. It has some limitations but a very valuable tool. You can watch movies, shop globally, market your brand, expand your business and what not. Free VPNs can give a wider scope of work for many of the users. For casual viewing and downloading free VPN can be a boon. Freemium models or a  paid VPN are available too. Compare various models based on performance and choose wisely.

Happy browsing with free VPNs.

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