How to Show Battery Percentage on iphone 11 

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The powerful and feature-rich iPhone 11 meets the requirements of today’s smartphone customers. However, the absence of a visible battery percentage on the home screen is a widespread complaint among iPhone 11 customers. Although this option was easily accessible on earlier iPhone models, Apple made some adjustments by introducing the iPhone 11 series.

But don’t worry! This post will walk you through setting up your iPhones 11 to display battery %, so you’ll never have to guess how much juice is still in the tank. Read on to see how simple it is to enable this crucial function on your smartphone, regardless of whether you are a frequent user or prefer to monitor your battery life during the day. 

Why is showing battery percentage important?

One of the key benefits of the iPhone 11’s battery % display is that it gives consumers a more realistic idea of the battery life of their smartphone. Displaying the battery % enables consumers to understand exactly how much charge is still in their devices, as opposed to the battery icon, which only provides a general approximation. That is helpful when preparing for lengthy journeys or utilizing apps that quickly deplete the battery. 

Additionally, showing the battery % enables users to monitor better and control how much power is being used by their device. Users may choose which features or applications to utilize and when to conserve energy by easily accessing this information. Additionally, it aids in spotting any odd dips in battery life, enabling users to investigate potential problems or prevent unplanned shutdowns.

Overall, the iPhone 11’s ability to display battery % is a straightforward yet crucial feature that improves user experience by accurately informing users of their power condition.

Method 1: Using the Control Center

Using the Control Centre in your iPhone 11 is one method of displaying the battery level. Slide down from the top-right corner of your screen to open the Control Centre. You will notice various icons and shortcuts when you launch the Control Centre. Find an icon that resembles a battery with a percentage next to it. It shows how much of your device’s battery is still left. 

 Don’t panic if you can’t find this icon in your Control Centre. Add it by modifying your settings. On your iPhone, navigate to “Settings” and choose “Control Centre.” Choose “Customize Controls” from there, then look for “Battery Percentage,” To include it in your Control Centre, tap on the green + symbol next to it.

By swiping down from the top-right corner of your screen and gazing at the new icon, you can quickly check the battery level of your smartphone at any time now that you have added the battery percentage icon to your Control Center. This technique provides an easy and quick way to monitor the remaining battery life on your iPhone 11 without going through several menus or settings.

Method 2: Enabling Battery Percentage in Settings

Follow these easy steps to activate the battery percentage on your iPhone 11 Open the “Settings” app on your smartphone first. Next, tap “Battery” after swiping down. You’ll find a “Battery Percentage” selection under the Battery Settings menu. To turn it on, slide the toggle switch adjacent to it. When activated, the battery level will now be visible in the upper right corner of your iPhone’s screen.

Those who desire a more accurate battery life assessment might benefit from turning on the battery percentage. You can better monitor your phone usage and predict when it might be time to plug in and recharge if you always have this information. Additionally, knowing how much battery life is left on your device will guarantee that you never run out of power unexpectedly if you often use power-hungry apps or are constantly on the go.

In conclusion, turning on battery % in settings is a quick and simple method to know how much battery life your iPhone 11 has left; You may accurately determine the remaining charge by following these instructions and activating this function.

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Common troubleshooting tips

If your iPhone 11 is experiencing difficulties displaying the battery %, the following common troubleshooting advice may help. First, check that the battery percentage setting on your smartphone is turned on. To accomplish this, choose “Settings” and then “Battery.” Switch on the indicator next to “Battery Percentage.”

After activating it in settings, try resetting your iPhone if you’re still unable to view the battery %. A simple restart frequently resolves minor software bugs, which returns the battery % indicator once the power off slider displays. Press and hold the side button while also holding either volume button, To switch off your smartphone, drag the slider, then press and hold the side button once more until the Apple logo appears.

Check your iPhone 11 for any available software upgrades if restarting doesn’t fix the problem. Unexpected faults or problems with certain functions can occasionally be brought on by outdated software. After selecting “Settings,” hit “General” and then “Software Update.” If an update is available, download and install it by following the on-screen directions.

You should be able to see the battery % on your iPhone 11 without experiencing any additional problems if you use these troubleshooting steps. Call Apple support or go to an authorized service location for more help if none of these ideas work for you.

Pros and cons of displaying battery percentage

One benefit of the iPhone11’s battery % indicator is that it gives consumers more precise knowledge of their battery life. Seeing the precise percentage can help consumers better comprehend how much juice they have left and decide how to use their smartphone than depending exclusively on the visual depiction of a battery symbol.

Another benefit is that showing the battery % enables consumers to track the battery health of their smartphone over time. Users can see patterns or modifications in their device’s battery performance by tracking the percentage. We can be useful for identifying possible problems or figuring out whether the battery needs to be changed.

However, there are a few drawbacks to remember when using an iPhone 11 to show battery %. One drawback is that seeing the precise numerical figure may always result in unneeded tension or worry for certain users. Even if plenty of useable power is left, seeing a smaller number than anticipated may cause anxiety or worry.

Additionally, always showing the battery level may make it difficult for certain users to concentrate on other crucial data or operations on their smartphones. The number figure could distract users from other warnings or notifications, preventing them from working efficiently or engaging with applications and content. 

As a result, even if showing battery % on an iPhone 11 provides benefits like precise information and monitoring overall health, it also has disadvantages like possible stress and diversions. The decision to display this data ultimately comes down to personal preferences and the requirement for efficient device usage management.

Conclusion: Make the most of your iPhone’s battery.

In conclusion, optimizing the battery life of your iPhone is crucial for getting the most out of your smart phone. You may greatly increase the performance of your iPhone’s battery by adhering to the tips and tactics described in this article, such as activating optimized battery charging and controlling background app refresh. Pay attention to how you use your cell phone during the day, such as lowering the screen brightness and turning off pointless push alerts.

The iPhone11’s handy function that displays the battery % makes it simple to keep track of your remaining power. By turning on this item in the settings menu, you can estimate how much charge is left in your device without relying on the battery symbol. We can come in useful, especially when running applications that consume a lot of power or when you’re on the go and need to save energy until you can find a charging station.

Finally, you can effectively manage and maximize your smart phone’s battery life by putting these techniques into practice and taking advantage of features like revealing the battery % on your iPhone 11. By following these easy yet efficient steps, you may always have enough power to be connected and involved with everything that matters most to you during the day.


Q1: How can I check the battery percentage on my iPhone 11 without enabling it permanently?

A: You can simply swipe down from the top-right corner of the screen to access the Control Center. The battery percentage will be displayed there temporarily.

Q2: Will enabling the battery percentage on my iPhone 11 drains the battery faster?

A: No, enabling the battery percentage itself does not have a significant impact on battery drain. It is just a visual representation of the existing battery level.

Q3: I can’t find the battery percentage option in my iPhone 11’s Control Center. What should I do?

A: In some cases, the battery percentage may not be visible by default. To enable it, go to the Control Center settings and add the “Batteries” or “Battery Percentage” feature.

Q4: Can I customize the position of the battery percentage display on my iPhone 11?

A: No, the battery percentage is always located next to the battery icon in the top-right corner of the screen. It cannot be moved or relocated.

Q5: Does the battery percentage display on the iPhone 11 update in real-time?

A: Yes, the battery percentage display is updated in real-time. It reflects the current battery level of your device.

Q6: Will the battery percentage be shown on the lock screen of my iPhone 11?

A: By default, the battery percentage is not displayed on the lock screen of the iPhone 11. You can only see it on the home screen or in the Control Center.

Q7: Can I show the battery percentage on my iPhone 11 when it is in Low Power Mode?

A: Yes, even when your iPhone 11 is in Low Power Mode, you can still enable the battery percentage display to monitor the remaining battery life.

Q8: Will enabling the battery percentage on my iPhone 11 affect the status bar’s appearance?

A: Enabling the battery percentage does not significantly alter the appearance of the status bar. It simply adds a numerical representation next to the battery icon.

Q9: Is it possible to disable the battery percentage display on my iPhone 11 after enabling it?

A: Yes, you can disable the battery percentage display by going to the settings and toggling off the “Battery Percentage” option.

Q10: Does the battery percentage display provide an accurate estimate of the remaining battery life?

A: While the battery percentage gives you an approximate idea of the remaining battery life, keep in mind that battery usage can vary depending on factors such as app usage, network conditions, and device settings.

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